Meet The Team

Thomas Liotta - PRESIDENT

Thomas Liotta


Thomas Liotta, with over 20 years of dedicated service in the New York City Police Department and an additional five years as a security consultant in the private sector, is an integral part of our company’s focus on movie premiere security. His extensive experience in threat assessment, site surveys, and security analysis has made him a trusted figure in coordinating and supervising security at high-profile movie premieres and major award events for the motion picture industry in New York City and Los Angeles.

Liotta’s expertise aligns seamlessly with the stringent demands of law enforcement and security, reflecting the principles of integrity and precision found in agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security. As a Special Agent cross-designated for Homeland Security and as a U.S. Marshal, he has been involved in comprehensive airport security measures, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to safety.

His work with the NYPD Asset Forfeiture Unit further emphasizes his investigative skills, where he has coordinated and investigated criminal and financial cases involving offenses related to narcotics, money laundering, insurance fraud, trademark infringement, and terrorist financing.

In the private sector, Liotta continues to apply his law enforcement experience to develop tailored security solutions, conducting detailed site surveys and threat assessments. His understanding of various investigative computer databases and software programs further contributes to his effectiveness in the security field.

Thomas Liotta’s name is synonymous with relentless pursuit of excellence. His unique combination of law enforcement experience and private sector expertise positions him as a leading figure in his field, admired by peers and sought after by those in need of top-tier security services. His contributions not only enhance our company’s reputation but also exemplify our dedication to the entertainment industry’s security needs.


Roger Akiki

Chief of Operations

Roger Akiki, the Director of Operations for Preferred Security & Investigations, is a renowned expert in major motion picture premiere security. Leading the Executive Protection detail team and overseeing daily operations, his distinguished career spans over two decades in the private security sector, with a particular focus on the demanding environment of film premieres.

In 2023, Roger’s unparalleled expertise was on full display as he successfully managed security for over 30 major movie premieres in Manhattan. His meticulous planning and execution have made these events not only prestigious but also secure and well-coordinated.

Beyond premieres, Roger’s experience also includes providing protection for A-list celebrities, corporate executives, and dignitaries. He has collaborated with major film companies, offering executive protection during filming both nationally and internationally.

Roger’s fluency in several languages has further empowered him to work with foreign dignitaries and talent across the globe. His most defining quality is his unwavering attention to detail, matched by his ability to create an atmosphere of safety in various high-profile situations.

Driven by an uncompromising focus on excellence, Roger consistently aims to exceed the highest standards in security. His commitment to discretion, loyalty, and vigilance shapes his work ethic and solidifies his reputation as one of the most trusted and sought-after professionals in major motion picture premiere security. His name is synonymous with quality and reliability in an industry where these traits are paramount, and his two decades of experience stand as a testament to his skill and dedication


Danny Caruso


Danny Caruso’s professional journey is both distinguished and multifaceted, marked by 20 years of dedicated service with the New York City Police Department, where he held the rank of Sergeant in his last five years on the force. His transition to the private sector in 2006 opened a new chapter, where he became an essential component in coordinating and executing movie premieres for the Motion Picture Industry on both the East and West Coasts.

His collaborations with major production companies reflect his expertise and have led to successful partnerships in high-profile events such as The American Music Awards and The Grammy’s. Caruso’s responsibilities are wide-ranging and include Site Planning and Production, all permitting, Red Carpet arrivals, Executive Protection for Talent, Night Vision, and the orchestration of After Parties.

What sets Danny Caruso apart is his blend of law enforcement rigor and understanding of the unique demands of the entertainment industry. His attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and ability to adapt to various event management aspects ensure a seamless experience for both talent and attendees.

With a reputation built on integrity, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Caruso continues to be a leading figure in special event coordination. His contributions not only elevate the standards within the industry but also reflect a dedication to providing top-tier services tailored to the needs of each event.

Howard Sinclair

Howard Sinclair

Assistant Director of Operations

Howard Sinclair embodies the rigor, discipline, and precision demanded by elite security roles. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sinclair possesses an innate ability to foresee and address security needs proactively, rooted in his rich military and security background. The synthesis of his top-tier training in luxury hotels complements his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a superior security experience for clients with the most exacting standards.

Sinclair’s presence on the security front is both commanding and efficient, backed by a remarkable track record spanning over two decades. His dual expertise—managing intricate, high-profile events and ensuring the personal safety of esteemed guests—demonstrates an unparalleled mastery in the security realm. Sinclair’s foundational years in the USAF enriched him with global exposure, nurturing his adaptability across diverse cultures and landscapes.

Upon transitioning from military service, Sinclair tackled the challenges of New York City’s evolving security landscape as a Director of Security for premier hotels. This role sharpened his ability to navigate the city’s unique challenges, further solidifying his reputation as a security stalwart.

In every operational theater, Sinclair’s exceptional professionalism stands out. His relentless pursuit of perfection, leadership acumen, and situational awareness make him an invaluable asset in high-stakes environments. Yet, despite his vast achievements and expertise, Sinclair’s approach remains grounded, marked by genuine empathy and a profound respect for those he serves. In a realm where precision meets compassion, Howard Sinclair is the gold standard.

Michael Belfiore

Michael Belfiore

Michael Belfiore stands at the confluence of expansive special event expertise and profound security knowledge. Spanning a notable 22-year tenure in the hospitality sector, Belfiore has worked in tandem with leading studios and major corporate entities, honing a finesse in customer relations that sets him apart in the industry.

Throughout his hospitality career, Michael displayed a mastery in orchestrating events of all magnitudes. From intricate contract negotiations and strategic site advances to meticulous planning and post-event debriefing, his skillset encapsulates the full event lifecycle.

In the last decade, Michael pivoted towards the event and security sector, a move that seamlessly blended his event expertise with a newfound focus on safety and protection. Joining PSI in 2019, Belfiore transitioned to critical roles encompassing venue inspections, permit acquisitions, and event planning. Further, as a supervisor, he brings a unique blend of leadership and operational know-how to the table.

Belfiore’s unerring eye for detail, coupled with his vast reservoir of industry knowledge, renders him an invaluable asset to the PSI team. In a landscape where precision meets adaptability, Michael Belfiore emerges as an industry stalwart, setting benchmarks with every assignment.