At Preferred Security & Investigations (PSI), our unique blend of law enforcement acumen and entertainment industry finesse sets us apart. Our leadership team comprises former high-ranking law enforcement officers with rich investigative backgrounds in narcotics, money laundering, insurance fraud, and terrorist financing. Our seasoned team combines this wealth of knowledge with the diplomatic skills honed during their tenure in the US Customs Service, the Office of Investigations, Homeland Security, and as U.S. Marshals.

From the gritty streets of New York City to the bright lights of Hollywood, we offer an exceptional understanding of security in the motion picture industry. Our team has conducted threat assessments and coordinated security for numerous high-profile movie premiers and major award events across the United States. We’ve worked behind the scenes to ensure safety at glittering galas in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.

The strength of our operations lies in our attention to detail. Our Director of Operations is recognized for creating a seamless environment of safety for clients in diverse situations, particularly those associated with A-list celebrities, corporate executives, and dignitaries. The breadth of our language proficiency enhances our ability to provide superior security solutions for international clients and events.

Our Vice President is renowned for his meticulous approach to special event management. With an illustrious career in the NYPD and a stellar record managing East Coast events, our VP has handled major events such as the American Music Awards and The Grammy’s. This experience has given PSI unmatched expertise in site planning, production, red-carpet arrivals, talent protection, and after-party security.

At PSI, we champion the values of discretion, loyalty, and vigilance, and consistently aim to not just meet, but exceed the highest security standards. Trust us to ensure the safety of your talent, your event, and your reputation.






“When it comes to entertainment security, always choose PSI.”