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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Security Does PSI Handle?

A. Movie premiers & Special Screenings
B. Red Carpet & Special Events
C. Domestic and International Executive & Corporate Protections
D. Retail Security
E. F & B Security
F. Night Life Security
G. Anti Piracy
H. Tour Security
I. Armed & Unarmed Security
J. Residential Security
K. Safe Room Developement & Security Cores

What Type of Investigations Does PSI Handle?

A. Full Back Ground Checks
B. Criminal Investigations
C. Personal Matters
D. Identity Theft
E. Full Spectrum Surveillance
F. Computer Crimes

What Type of Permits can PSI Obtain?

A. All types of NY City Film & Special Event Permits
B. All Types of Street Activity Permits
C. Park Permits
D. Limo Lane Closure, Sidewalk Closure, Street Closure

What Type of Production can PSI Handle?

A. Tenting
B. Red Carpet
C. Air Condition & Heaters
D. Lighting & Rope and Stanchion
E. Crowd Control Barriers
F. Step n Repeat

What Geographic Areas Does PSI Cover?

A. East Coast
B. West Coast
C. International